Matthew is an experienced tutor who specialises in science, maths and English. We are particularly impressed with his passion for knowledge and found his enthusiasm to be infectious.



Physics (11+, 13+, 16+ GCSE, AS/A2, Degree)

Maths (11+, 13+, 16+, GCSE, AS/A2, Degree)

Chemistry (11+, 13+, 16+ GCSE, AS/A2)

English (11+, 13+, 16+, GCSE, AS/A2)

Drama (GCSE, AS/A2)

Philosophy (AS/A2)

Politics (AS/A2)


I have been working as a private tutor for over 9 years and have well over 4000 hours of tutoring experience.  I am especially accomplished in helping students prepare for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance exams since this type of tutoring is in high demand in London.


  • Cambridge University (2013) - Research Physicist in Quantum Computing

  • London School of Economics (2009) - MSc Philosophy and History of Science (Masters)

  • University of St Andrews (2007) - MPhys Astrophysics, 1st class (Masters)

  • Wallace Hall Academy (2002) - Scottish Advanced Highers (A-level): 4As (School)

  • Wallace Hall Academy (2001) - Scottish Highers (AS-level): 5As (School)


I used to work as a research physicist at Cambridge University. I have always have had a dual interest in the arts and sciences. I’ve written a novel and several full length plays and got into directing student plays and films at Cambridge. I now co-run a small production company making music videos and adverts and our first feature film is in production.


I am passionate about the subjects I tutor in and education in general. Knowledge is liberating and my subjects especially open many doors. They are not easy and require a willingness to work hard, but I strongly believe that anyone can get to grips with them if given the correct guidance. Most often the problem is not the student but a poor teacher, unresolved conceptual difficulties or lack of motivation. I want to fix these issues for you.