I conducted tutor interviews for a London based tuition agency for several years, interviewing over 600 tutors, and have found this experience invaluable for assessing my associate tutors.

The interview is comprised of three stages.

The first stage involves having the tutor teach me a pre-prepared lesson on a topic of their choosing. This topic needs to be something I do not already know, so that the learning is real rather than simulated. Tutors are marked on the strength of their teaching, including the degree to which the student's mind is kept active.

The second stage simulates the challenges of real-life tutoring. I select a problem based on a subject the tutor has volunteered to teach - for example, a 13+ algebra question - and the tutor talks me through how they would help the student grasp the material. The tutor has no prior knowledge of what will be assessed in this stage.

The final stage is a more conventional interview, which allows me to get an understanding of what draw the candidate to tutoring, what degree of experience they have, their future plans etc.